Affordable Insurance. Whether you have mint factory rims or sleek aftermarket wheels, a set of six spline lug nuts are a must-have for peace of mind and as protection against theft.

Designed for Security. These lug nuts are intended for maximum security with a unique six sided six spline design, that requires a special six spline deep-socket adapter key for removal.

6 Spline Adapter Key. The included six spline Lug Nut adapter key is compatible with 3/4" and 13/16" sockets, as well as the factory lug wrench.

Bright Red Finish. These premium quality lug nuts have a durable red anodized finish that enhances the look of your new wheels but doesn't steal the show. And at a fraction of the cost of some other flashy lugs, they're a smart choice.

Size: 12x1.25
Seat: Conical Seat
Style: 6 Spline/Tuner
Finish: Red
Material: Heat treated Steel
Qty : Choice of 16 pieces or 20 pieces w/ Key.
Fitment: Please verify all aspects of fitment (i.e thread size and seat) before purchasing.
  • Details

    Fitment is for majority of Nissan, Infiniti, Subaru.

    Failure to verify proper fitment may result in severe damage to your vehicle and/or your wheels

    **We are not responsible for all liabilities arising from improper fitment**

    Please email or call us if you have any questions about fitment