Citrine - M161

The Niche Citrine M161 in silver machined finish is the latest addition to Niche's already staggering lineup. The Niche Citrine is a one-piece cast monobloc wheel that will surely seperate your car from crowd of mass produced vehicles on the road through it multi-spoke deep concave design. Its spokes are extending from the center to the outer edge of the lip allowing for maximum concavity, aggressive staggered fitments, and large caliper upgrades. Niche as a brand has continually evolved and changed time and time again over the years.
Bolt Pattern
  • Details

    Niche Wheels Citrine M161 Key Features:
    Available Sizes: 20x8.5 | 20x10 | 20x10.5
    Available Finishes: Silver Machined
    Available Stances: Staggered Setup, Squared Setup, Standard Setup
    Wheel Design: Deep Concave Multi-Spoke Wheel
    Wheel Construction: 1-Piece Monobloc Cast Whee
    lLifetime Warranty
    TPMS Compatible