The brand new exclusive Vossen VLE-1 wheel is Vossen's first limited production wheel. There is going to be only 400 sets of Vossen VLE-1 wheels available in the world. Vossen is going to have a release event called "Vossen VLE-1 Exposed" on October 23rd, 2014. These wheels are projected to be one of the best investment a car enthusiast can ever make. Without a doubt, the Vossen VLE-1 is going to be one of the most sought out wheels for true car enthusiasts who want their vehicle to be truly one of a kind. With the VLE-1, your vehicle is not a mass produced car anymore, it is morphed into a one of a kind masterpiece revolving beneath your feet.
Bolt Pattern
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    Vossen VLE-1 Key Features:Release Date: October 23rd, 2014Finishes: Gloss Silver, Gloss GraphiteExclusive Wheel: Only 400 sets made in the world5-Year Warranty on WorkmanshipOne-Piece Low Pressure Cast WheelCompatible w/ Tire Pressure SensorsClearance for most High Performance Brake UpgradesLifetime Warranty on Wheel Structure