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20" Rohana RFX13 Gloss Black 5x114.3 ( Square Setup ) ( Set of 4 )

20" Rohana RFX13 Gloss Black 5x114.3 ( Square Setup ) ( Set of 4 )

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The RFX13 features a 10 pocketed spoke design. This was created with one thing in mind, performance. These pocketed spokes aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but optimizes air flow for the brakes.

The RFX Series wheels are constructed with Cross Forged technology. Cross Forged wheels are a type of high-performance wheel that are created using a unique manufacturing process. This process involves taking a cast wheel and heating it to a high temperature, then using a machine to press the heated wheel between three rollers that are perpendicular to each other (thus the name “cross-forged”). 

This process compresses and stretches the metal in different directions, resulting in a wheel that is stronger, lighter, and more precise than a traditional cast wheel. 

Additionally, the Cross Forged technology allows for more precise control over the design of the wheel, which can result in unique and visually striking designs. The cross forged technology is used for high-performance, luxury and racing wheels.