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Rohana Wheels

20" Rohana RFV1 Matte Bronze 6x135 ( Set of 4 )

20" Rohana RFV1 Matte Bronze 6x135 ( Set of 4 )

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The RFV1 features a complex mesh arrangement which immediately attracts the eye. Its intricate spoke design lightens the wheel but also creates strength in each individual spoke. This allows us to manufacture thinner spokes with equal strength for a lightweight mesh wheel.

The RFV Series expands our wheel collection into the 6-lug SUV and truck market, utilizing our Cross Forged Technology. These are specifically designed to support vehicles with larger load ratings, while upholding the true Rohana standards of being lightweight and featuring maximum concavities.

The RFV Series wheels are constructed with Cross Forged technology. Cross Forged wheels are a type of high-performance wheel that are created using a unique manufacturing process. This process involves taking a cast wheel and heating it to a high temperature, then using a machine to press the heated wheel between three rollers that are perpendicular to each other (thus the name “cross-forged”). 

This process compresses and stretches the metal in different directions, resulting in a wheel that is stronger, lighter, and more precise than a traditional cast wheel. 

Additionally, the Cross Forged technology allows for more precise control over the design of the wheel, which can result in unique and visually striking designs. The cross forged technology is used for high-performance, luxury and racing wheels.